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The Emerging Pro category is open to individuals who currently have some professional work experience but may still regularly train under the guidance of a coach. Emerging artists are striving to become full time professional entertainers. Although not required, we may request a video to confirm you have enrolled in the correct category. 

Paid registrations received before November 30th, 2022 will receive 1 free coupon to the World Circus Arts Championships.

All Competitors receive:

VIVA Fest T-shirt

Ticket to Pro Fest (early registrants only)

Personalized feedback from 3 judges

-Solo and duo Emerging Pro competitors are allowed a maximum performance time of 4 minutes

-Groups of 3 or more are allowed a maximum performance time of 5 minutes

-Participants will not be penalized if they do not use their full allotted performance slots

-All members of a group act must register and pay individually to compete

(see example Emerging Artist category routines in video above)

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