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How do I sign up for paid workshops?


Advanced and professional development workshops are open to both VIVA Fest competitors and members of the general public. Registration info click here. You will need to create another account in iclass pro and you will pay when you register. Registration priority will be given to VIVA Fest competitors. If you have any difficulties signing up for a workshop, please do not hesitate to contact us at: and please title your email WORKSHOP.


Can I get a refund for a cancelled workshop?

If your workshop overlaps your competition time - you will receive a refund for a cancelled workshop, this is the only reason workshops can be refunded. 


What is the NOVICE competition category?

This category gives individuals who are new to circus a platform to compete in the festival. The maximum routine limit is 2 1/2 minutes but we encourage participants to perform a shorter routine if they do not have enough material to fill their slot. 

Please note the registration price for novice competitors is reduced as it DOES NOT INCLUDE A REHEARSAL BLOCK. Participants will not be permitted to include motor lift cues in their routine (their acts must remain static). On the aerial hoop participants will only be lifted to a height that allows their feet to clear the mat by 6” and on the aerial silks participants will be required to remain under 18’. Registration includes the same perks offered to all participants which includes a pass to view all daytime competitions, priority paid workshop registration, early registration perk, a free t-shirt, and feedback from 3 judges. 


What are the sizes of the stages?

The stage for flying aerial acts is 40' width x 28' depth with the rigging point being approximately 13 feet from downstage. 


How will music be handled? This year's Viva Fest will not be submitting music ahead of time.  Each coach is responsible for music in a digital format (MP3, computer, tablet, smart phone etc) These electronic devices must have a display screen and must be on airplane mode when applicable.  Playing music via bluetooth is not allowed.  Devices should easily connect to a 1/4" headphone jack (adapters will be available). Music should not contain explicit language. 


NO. You should use your own equipment at the festival or your coach/school should provide you with equipment. All hardware should be attached to your aerial silks, trapeze, hoop/lyra, etc . . . VIVA fest will have a swivel into which you will clip in your apparatus.

How do I have my equipment inspected and approved?

Please see our rigging guideline page for information regarding equipment inspection and safety.


Do I need to have my coach onstage with me?


If you are 10 years of age and under and you are performing any discipline other than manipulation, you are required to have your coach onstage with you. 


If you are under 18 years of age you will need to have a parent, guardian, or coach at the festival with you during both your registration, rehearsal and your performance. The VIVA fest will be very strict with backstage passes, your coach MUST be registered with VIVA fest in order to have access to the backstage area during your competition. 



Can my coach spot me onstage?


We ENCOURAGE spotting and it will not affect your score when used for safety.  Spotting should not be utilized as an aid to complete skills above the participants' current ability.



What is the World Circus Arts Championship?

The professional component of the VIVA Fest is a cabaret style show featuring some of the worlds top variety entertainers. They will be competing in the Vegas International Variety Acts Festival. Unlike the novice, student,  emerging and VIVA pro competitors the World Circus Arts Championship are selected by the VIVA Fest steering committee and will be a show you won't want to miss!



Can I perform more than one act?

Yes, you can perform more than one act, however you will need to register accordingly. A discount is available for multiple act registration but each act needs to be registered and paid for individually. The option to register for more than one act is available on the online registration form. 


What is early registration?

Early registration allows the festival to plan for a set number of participants months in advance.  Early registration cut off date for the 2024 edition of The VIVA Fest is Oct. 31, 2023


Can I film my act?

If your parents or friends wish to be inside the venue during your performance or rehearsal, they must buy a day pass to attend your performance, they may film and photograph your act. No flash photography will be permitted and filming must only take place within the designated spectator area but professional equipment like tripods IS NOT PERMITTED. 


Can my family and friends watch me perform?

Day passes for non-competitors to attend all rehearsals and competitions will be available for sale at the entrance of the venue. The pass is good for both venues. .  In and out privileges will be granted to day pass holders. If you are a registered competitor you may use your badge to access the spectator areas. This badge does not grant you spectator access to workshops. If you lose your badge you will be required to purchase a day pass. A special 'all week access' pass will also be available - this will also grant observation privileges to all workshops. Click here for spectator information

Can I watch workshops?

Yes, fees for workshop observation is $10, but all access passes can watch workshops as well as any rehearsals and competitions. 

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