Requirements & Rules:


-The act must have at least 6 participants in the choreography.

-The act can not exceed 20 participants.

-The act can not exceed 5 minutes in duration. 

-The rehearsal time for each act will be 10 minutes.

-Schools wishing to compete an act to open the pro-fest must have all participants on site for their group rehearsal on the morning of Thursday, April 9th, 2020.

-The fee to enroll is $150.

-For every student in the act not competing at the festival an additional $50 fee per student will be charged up to 5 people* (if all 6 participants are not competing at the festival - only 5 entries will be charged)

-All existing rigging points can be used; due to time constraints no special rigging will be allowed (extra spotting lines, aerial cradle, etc . . .) We will send you a rigging diagram so that you can plan accordingly.

-If you have any questions regarding your rigging, please email

-The competition will take place on the evening of Thursday, April 9th, 2020. 

-The winners will be announced at the end of the competition and will open the Pro-Fest which is scheduled for Friday, April 10th.

-To avoid any additional charges, please make sure all your novice, student, and emerging artist competitors are registered before completing the form below.

-Please note if you do not complete your payment or you do not receive a written confirmation from the VIVA Fest - we have not received your application. 

-Music must be submitted on the same deadline as music requirements for individual competitors (March 15th 2020).



*There are 10 students in your act, 3 are registered to compete at the VIVA Fest - we will charge 2X$50 in addition to the $150 registration for the 2 student that fall below the 5 student minimum. All additional students not competing at the festival above 5 will not incur a fee.

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