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Registration is closed. You may register/choose acts, but there will be $0 payment and you will be put on our waitlist. 
If selected payment will be required

The VIVA Pro category is open to artists 18 years and older. Artists under age 18 may submit an act video for consideration.  The overall winner of VIVA Pro will be invited to the following year's WCAC competition.  Artists may be currently working, have had paid gigs, or are actively seeking professional work. Most artists in this division have several years of experience in circus training/performing.  ONLY 1 SOLO ACT PER PERFORMER WILL BE ALLOWED IN THIS COMPETITIVE DIVISION. If you participate in a group act at this level, you may also register for that performance.  Additional solo acts are encouraged to register in the Emerging Pro division. 

NEW** If you are able to be in town Tuesday, March 12th performers may get an additional 1 min practice slot on Tuesday only, check the box on your registration form. 

Paid registrations received before October 31, 2023 will receive 1 discounted  ticket to the World Circus Arts Championships.

All Competitors receive:

VIVA Fest T-shirt

Personalized feedback from 3 judges

-Solo, Duo, Trio of VIVA Pro competitors are allowed a maximum time of  4 minutes

-Groups of 4 or more are allowed a maximum performance time of  5 minutes

-Participants will not be penalized if they do not use their full allotted performance slots

-VIVA Pro division will receive rehearsal time of 3.5 minutes

-All members of a duo, trio or group act must register and pay individually to compete

SOLO - $269 

DUOS - $205 each performer

TRIOS -$160 each performer

GROUP 4+ $125 each performer  (5 min act time allowed)

(2 acts receive 10% off both acts price, 3 acts receive 15% off all 3 acts)

Groups with over 6 people contact us for registration outside of the system.

Click here to register as a performer. (if you have filled out a registration form, click here​ for the cart to pay for your acts)

Don't get your registration rejected: only 1 performer's payment per cart is allowed and registration MUST accompany payment to be valid


Spreadsheet of division information

Double check enrollment information here

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