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Registration Information

Registration is closed. You may register/choose acts, but there will be $0 payment and you will be put on our waitlist. 
If selected payment will be required

VIVA Fest 2024






-Rehearsal and Competition slot (NOVICE competitors do not have rehearsal time)

-VIVA Fest T-shirt

-Priority access to paid workshops

-Discounted Ticket to WCAC (early registrants only before October 31st, 2023)

-Individualized feedback from judges

Click here to register as a performer


All Coaches must be pre-registered and listed or will be charged a $75 for a coaches credential

Coaches Registration Click here to register a coach.  In order for coaches to receive credentials, you must register ahead of time.  If you do not register before the festival begins, you may purchase a coach's credential for $75 on site. 

Click here to register as a performer.

Don't get your registration rejected: only 1 performer's payment per cart is allowed and registration MUST accompany payment to be valid

Double check enrollment information here

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